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P2C 4 Features

Description: Learn how to acquire data from Xbox 360 and Xbox One gaming consoles. Learn how to examine the acquired data in P2C 4 from sorting to searching to examining STFS storages.

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Duration: 45 Min

DS 7 Capabilities

Description: Learn the features and interface of Device Seizure 7. This video will help users become famliar with the interface of Device Seizure and will go into details about the main features of the tool. Users will learn how to perform acquisitions, analyze data, create reports, and more.

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Duration: 26 Min

Device Seizure App Parsing

Description: This video will walk you through the new smart phone app parsing feature in Device Seizure. See how Device Seizure parses data, including deleted data, from applications such as Gmail. Learn how to find the app data stored on the device for manual examinations.

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Duration: 6:28 Min

Android Debugging Video

Description: Learn how to put Android devicdes into USB Debugging Mode and to Allow Unknown Sources in this quick tutorial.

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Duration: 2:37 Min

Data Minimization & Forensic Containers

Description: Learn how P2 Commander's forensic storage containers can allow you to minimize your data storage and securely share evidence.

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Duration: 11 Min

Email Exporting & Filtering

Description: Learn how to export email within P2 Commander, Network E-mail Examiner, and E-amil Examiner. Take advantage of searching and date filtering features within the export to minimize your processing time.

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Duration: 8 Min

Forensic Replicator Overview

Description: Learn how easy it is to create forensic bit-stream images using Forensic Replicator.

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Duration: 11 Min