Paraben’s Training Academy

Courses Offered


Many of the courses offered provide a test level certification associated with the course. There are also certifications available that do not require a course to be taken. For more details please review the following.

Basic Mobiles 16 Hours Online Only

Must pass course for PCME Qualification This course will teach the basics concepts of Mobile Forensics. Students will learn device collection techniques, data structures, device capabilities, basic device functions.

Mobile Fast Track 3-Days Live Only

This is a 3-Day course that takes you end to end with the processing and analysis associated with smartphones and their associated operating systems.


For 2-Days you will walk through all of the functions in the E3 Platform and how you can process crucial evidence such as hard drive triage, local and network email evidence, file system data, smartphone backups. This course is done with online video, hands on labs, and practical examination throughout the course.


For 2-days you will dive into the data of IoT. Not only will you learn what is trending, but how you too can watch trends to be prepared for what is next. This course focuses on the analysis of data paired with IoT devices.


Chip-Off for devices is an essential skill for forensic examiners. This course gives students the practical hand-on they need to start their path in advanced acquisition. Re-balling, soldering, storage structures, heat methods and "boxes" are all part of the interactive course.


Are you a University or College?

University Packages

We have educational packages that help you with software licenses and labs that can be used in your courses. Review our site for more details on our packages.

Are you certified as an operator? Both the E3:DS and E3:P2C products have operator level certifications that are FREE with the purchase of the tools. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to receive the first level of your certifications. You can still take the certification if you are not a user of the tool at a small fee. Check out our Certifications Page for more details.