E3 Fast Track

This 16-hour course is designed to cover computer forensics and email analysis using Paraben’s Electronic Evidence Examiner-E3. Students taking this course are recommended to have completed the introductory E3 video course that came with their purchase of Paraben’s tools.

The E3 Fast Track course will give attendees everything they need to be proficient in forensic examinations using E3 through a variety of different common evidence types. Students attending the E3 Fast Track should already be trained in the basics of computer forensics. This course will focus on utilizing E3:Universal in your examinations and will not cover the fundamentals of digital forensics.

Course Certification


After the completion of all the course materials to include physical labs, analysis labs, and written examination the student qualifies for a certification. This certification is one of the steps in the process for PCE3-Paraben Certified Examiner.

For more details email us at training@paraben.com

Course Objectives

Once the course is completed the students will be able to:

  • Perform a comprehensive forensic analysis using E3
  • Perform a data triage collection and analysis using DP2C and E3
  • Analyze, filter, export, and report on local email as well as network email stores
  • Perform forensic acquisitions using DP2C
  • Create forensic containers for case data minimization, storage, & sharing
  • Analyze memory dumps
  • Analyze internet files
  • Analyze chat log data
  • Analyze a variety of file systems

Course Details

  • 16-Hours Online
  • $995.00 U.S.

The course runs for 16-Hours and must be completed within 30-days enrollment in the Paraben Training Academy. At the end of this course you will be tested through written examination, practical acquisition, and analysis techniques. Students must pass all course certifications at an 80% to receive full certification of the course and qualify for the PCE3 certification.

To register for this course, you can email training@paraben.com

Students attending the course have an option for discounts on software and hardware packages as well.

Course Disclaimers

Course prices are subject to change due to new software releases, location, and other circumstances. All electronic courses and bundles purchased are non-refundable and can only be exchanged for vouchers for other training courses that are the same value.


  • Digital forensics using E3
  • Data Acquisition using DP2C
  • Adding Evidence Types
  • Processing Options: Setup, hashes, sorting, indexing, etc.
  • Hard Drive Triage Options
  • Forensic Storage Containers
  • Memory Acquisition and Analysis
  • File System Analysis
  • Virtual Machines
  • Internet Evidence
  • Instant Messaging
    • Yahoo!, Skype, ICQ, Miranda, Hello, and Trillian


  • Local Email Archives
    • PST
    • OST
    • Other archives covered include AOL, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Eudora, The Bat!, etc.
  • Network Email Archives
    • GroupWise
    • Lotus Notes
    • Microsoft Exchange
  • Smartphone Data Import
  • Mobile Data Compatibility
  • Data Reporting
  • Data Exporting
  • Course Review
  • Written Examination