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SIM Card Seizure

Recover deleted sms/text messages and perform comprehensive analysis of SIM card data. SIM Card Seizure takes the SIM Card acquisition and analysis components from Paraben's Device Seizure and puts it into a specialized SIM Card forensic acquisition and analysis tool. SIM Card Seizure includes the software as well as a Forensic SIM Card Reader. If you already have Device Seizure & the Device Seizure Toolbox, there's no need for you to get SIM Card Seizure as well because they contain the components to perform a forensic SIM Card acquisition and analysis. This tool is for the investigator who only wants to acquire SIM Cards and does not want to perform forensic exams of all cell phone data. SIM Card Seizure includes a free one year subscription with purchase.
Analyze SIM card data and recover deleted text messages
    AffordableSIM Card Seizure is only $79.95 and includes a SIM reader
    FlexibleWorks on almost any SIM - GSM, CDMA, & USIM
    SmartIncludes all the features you'd expect in a forensic tool such as hash calculation, reporting, and bookmarking

SIM Card Seizure has unicode support to read multiple languages such as Arabic, Chinese, & Russian.
Recover Deleted DataRecover Deleted Data
SIM Card Seizure can recover deleted data such as text messages and last numbers dialed.
Forensically SoundForensically Sound
SIM Card Seizure was made by a forensic company for forensic investigations. Whether you're trying to recover data from your own SIM or you're a seasoned investigator, you can rest assured you won't miss anything.
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