Mobile Device Digital Forensic Examination

Mobile Forensic Processing

Examination Options

All digital evidence is different and the results that came come from the device will change based on each device. At Paraben we try to make the process of doing digital forensics as easy as possible with a flat fee per device system.

What is included in the flat fee?

Paraben examiners will process the device with a forensic grade tool, and provide a summary report on the details of the findings of that processing. Each case is allowed for some customization with a search list of up to 10 terms as well as special requests to look for particular items of data. Any work after these base items will go to an hourly rate that is discussed prior to proceeding.

What types of devices can you examine?

Paraben supports a very large range of devices and the best option is to contact us about the model support prior to starting an examination with us.

What is the process?

To get started we recommend you fill out the contact form below. Once we receive that you will be assigned a point of contact that will provide you with the following items.

  1. Letter of engagement outing the terms of service
  2. Consulting information sheet
  3. Chain of custody form
  4. Device ownership form

Each of these items will be sent after a basic review is done on the device you require service on.

To get started, please fill out the form below.