Mobile App Forensic Validation

Mobile App Forensic Validation

Paraben has been a leading expert in the field of mobile devices since 2001 and understanding how the App within the device works is all part of the expertise. If your organization has an App that helps you function or pass data having that App reviewed for forensic integrity is crucial to ensure that you have nothing that will cause leaks of your data. Paraben’s App review process has two tiers that are available.

Residual App Data

Review of the data and what is left behind on the device is done with both Android and iOS devices. See what your App touches, leaves behind as a digital fingerprint is essencial when it comes to provide comprehensive security support.

Over The Air Data

Paraben’s skilled team can evaluate the over the air transmission between your App and another source to determine if you could be vunerable to a man in the middle attack.

Informing you of what data is at risk is only part of the process as our team of skilled engineers will provide a comprehensive report on what is problematic as well as solutions to resolve the issues.

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