Ultimate Forensic Bundle


Feature Highlights

Let me have it all! We hear that statement a lot and as an answer we have created the Ultimate Forensic Bundle that is designed to get you suited up in your Paraben technology.

All Paraben

We include E3:Universal, a write-blocker, DP2C for imaging, StrongHold Tent, DS Toolbox, and a PAP Flex all in one package; everything your lab needs to get equipped and up and running.


You need the best hardware to complement our award-winning software, so we've included a CRU Forensic UltraDock write-blocker and cables to safely and reliably ensure professional grade drive protection while viewing, evaluating, or imaging disk drives.

E3:P2C Aurora Edition is the first edition of P2C under the new E3 interface. The powerful engines of P2C are still ready to go with a full threaded interface and new x64 bit version of the software are sure to get the most bang out of your buck. For more details, please review our release notes.