StrongHold Tent


Feature Highlights

Paraben's StrongHold has been the trusted brand for Faraday protection for wireless devices for over 10 years. Paraben's StrongHold Tent uses the same patented (U.S. Patent No. 7,601,921) design as their StrongHold Bags to block out wireless signals from cell towers, wireless networks, and other signal sources that threaten your digital evidence. Paraben’s StrongHold Tent is the next generation of Faraday enclosures because it’s designed to work in real world situations. Due to its portability and flexibility, the StrongHold Tent is the perfect solution to use in the field, and it’s even roomy enough to work on your laptop in the same enclosure.

The special multi-weave material used in the Wireless StrongHold Tent is made of multiple metals that combine to give you the optimal blocking protection.

Tent Size: 20" x 14" x 14"


The StrongHold Tent is designed to give you everything you need to have a functional Faraday environment. Included with the tent is everything you need; from a light to a carrying case to special Faraday gloves that can interact with a touch screen, we have you covered.


Nothing is more difficult than getting a proper connection between a device and the computer for acquisition. The StrongHold Tent has made that process simple by guaranteeing protection on both the device and machine working with it because our tent is designed to fit your laptop you’re using into the enclosure. There is no doubt when taking acquired data into court that it was collected in a forensically sound environment.

Strong Protection

There are a variety of different sizes of StrongHold bags available for purchase. We offer two options for purchase with most of our StrongHold Bags a covered model (black canvas) or uncovered model (gold metallic) please check with each product to determine which options are available. With our covered edition, we have a custom option where an organization’s logos and evidence numbers can be added at a nominal cost. To enquire more about this customization option, please contact