Short Access


What is Short Access?

Short Access licenses are designed to allow you to do a direct bill of your software license to your client when you need a specialized tool. This is ideal if you are not doing a lot of digital investigations, but do require the technology on occasion.

E3:Universal Short Access

E3:Universal has broken the boundaries of digital evidence with its ability to process any type of digital data. E3:U truly masters the three sides of the digital triangle with file system/hard drive data, smartphone/mobile data, and the new emerging IoT data. For any lab or organization, the ability to have one unified interface and control over process is key for efficiency and consistency.

E3:DS Short Access

E3:DS is top-notch with a lot of options for any size lab. E3:DS is the comprehensive approach to mobile forensics in a single tool and can’t be beat. E3:DS is capable of logical and physical imaging, data carving, App data parsing, password bypass, and unique content analysis with malware detection, etc.

E3:P2C Short Access

Paraben’s E3:P2C is a tried-and-true computer forensic tool that supports a variety of digital data sources that include: file system, network email archives, local email archives, internet data, etc. E3:P2C has a built-in triage function to see core pieces of potential evidence before proceeding to the next level of your examination. E3:P2C offers a cost-effective solution to your computer analysis needs.

All of the technical support for Paraben’s tools is available with Short Access license options as well. You can enter in support tickets and get help with your examination at any time in the Customer Zone.