PAP 8000


Feature Highlights

Paraben’s Project-a-Phone tool has been the go-to choice for photo imaging of mobile devices for over five years. Don't waste time and money trying to perform manual cell phone examinations with a point-and-shoot camera. Paraben's Project-A-Phone ICD-8000 is a simple and affordable solution for taking photos or video of every screen on a cell phone and then compiling them into a detailed report. The 8-megapixel, HD video capable camera connects right to your PC so you can easily see exactly what each image will look like and take each picture with the click of your mouse. The Project-A-Phone ICD-8000 comes with a license of E3:Viewer for advanced reporting, including hash value validation.

Solid Camera

Takes 8-megapixel pictures, records HD video (720p), and 360° camera rotation means you get everything you need with this concise unit.

Stable Base

The PAP Base allows you to place the device in the unit without having to hold it at the proper angle. This is a big timesaver when dealing with damaged devices.

Great Tool Support

The PAP 8000 system comes with the E3:Viewer software that allows you to bring in the data and make customized reports for displaying your findings.

If you are an existing PAP customer of an older model PAP unit, consider upgrading to the latest model to take advantage of the new software updates. For more details, please review the release notes on the latest software updates.