Mobile Field Kit


Feature Highlights

The Mobile Field Kit 2.0 (MFK) is a portable version of Paraben’s mobile forensic solution that includes everything you need to perform acquisitions and analysis in the field. The MFK includes a license of E3:DS embedded on a Windows laptop, cables, power options, a PAP ICD-8000 unit, plus 1-Medium and 1-Tablet StrongHold bag all in a sturdy portable wheeled case. One major advantage of the MFK is that it uses an open system, which allows you to put other mobile forensic or computer forensic software on the machine for use in the field. It also allows for manual driver updates to support the newest phones on the market without waiting for a software update. A Rugged Laptop option is available on a per-quote basis as well.


The portable MFK case has been designed to be streamlined in weight and function with wheels and a convenient carry or pull handle design.

Lots of Device Support

There are a variety of options for dealing with devices and the MFK allows for quick acquisition with its Windows system and SSD that images fast and effectively over 26,000 different types of devices.

Large selection

The MFK has a large selection of available parts that will make your field acquisition of mobiles easy to deal with, such as the most USB cables for the most popular mobile devices on the market, power supply options, Bluetooth adapter, cloneable SIM card, and much more.

An existing Paraben customer can always upgrade their software to a MFK unit. Discounts on upgrades for existing customers are always available, so just let us know what you are looking for. Contact us at