Feature Highlights

Paraben’s Link2 is a powerful link analysis tool designed to read data from E3:DS and show a visual representation of common points of data, such as phone numbers and text messages common on a single device or as they relate to multiple devices. Simply import one or more case files from E3:DS and you can link calls, SMS, time stamps, files, etc. within a device or between devices. You can also set filter options from one case to another. Once linked, you can export as a PNG, SVG, PDF, VDX, DXF, or HTML file.


Don't get stuck paying for a link analysis tool for your mobile forensic tool when you can get it for free. Link2 is included with all E3:DS packages or bundles.

Link2 is a free tool for E3:DS users. If you are a user and have not downloaded Link2 please let us know and we are happy to help you out. Email us at to get the information.

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