Fact Finder Stick


Feature Highlights

Paraben's Fact Finder Stick was designed for those going through any type of civil litigation to be able to collect valuable digital evidence. This device can either do a general collection gathering of data that are the primary areas of interest in civil divorce litigation or you can go through a series of questions and answers to create a custom collection of digital data.

The Fact Finder Stick is designed to run on a Windows operating system and comes with a FREE analysis or review tool: E3:Viewer. The Fact Finder Stick allows you to sit with your attorney to review the data and determine if you need to hire a full forensic examiner for your case. Save yourself the time and money by doing an initial examination yourself with the Fact Finder Stick.

The Fact Finder Stick is designed with all the same rules in mind as a forensic tool used by law enforcement in their examinations, so rest assured that your data is forensically sound.

Multiple Options

There are two versions of Fact Finder Stick: the standard and professional edition. The difference between the two editions is the inclusion of a hard drive (1 TB) in the professional version. With either version, an external hard drive is required to collect data using the Fact Finder Stick.

Lots of Data

Everyone worries about what they can collect with tools like this. We walk you through the process of collection just like an expert is sitting there with you. Everything from documents, to smartphone backups, to financial data can be collected with ease.

Forensically Sound

Paraben has been led by digital forensics experts with over 20 years of experience, and that experience has gone into the design of the Fact Finder Stick. Rest assured that your data is collected in a forensically sound manner that can hold up in any court.

Cost Effective

The Fact Finder Stick costs a fraction of what you would spend if you were start by hiring a digital forensic expert. On average most experts will charge an hourly rate of $325/hour. With the Fact Finder Stick you can cut those costs by doing the collection yourself and bringing in experts later as needed.

The Fact Finder Stick is just the first in a series of easy-to-use devices that Paraben provides for individuals looking to be able to have the information they need to move forward in litigation. Watch for more options in 2017 with additional technology.