Feature Highlights

Paraben’s DP2C is a data targeted triage tool and full disc imaging tool built into one powerful and convenient device. You have the option to be able to collect specific data items such as email, graphics, or documents or do a full forensically sound bit-stream image. This bootable tool is easy to use and comes with everything you need to get your data collected.


We make it easy-to-use by booting a custom OS version for you to make your selection of what data you would like to collect.

Forensically Sound

All data collection is done into a secure, encrypted forensic container that can easily be reviewed with any Paraben tool.

Full Imaging

DP2C has the capabilities to do full bit-stream imaging that is compatible with all digital forensic examination suites.


If you don’t always need to collect a full disc image being able to collect exactly what you need in a category can be perfect for forensics and eDiscovery. The Custom Data Collection option allows quick forensic-grade collection of data such as email in a few simple clicks.

DP2C is an easy-to-use and cost-effective imaging tool for target collections or for full bit-stream imaging. For more details, please review our release notes.