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P2 Command Kit

Paraben's P2 Command Kit covers your bases for computer forensics. This bundle gives you everything you need to perform a digital forensic examination from drive imaging, to targeted data collection and data triage, to advanced analysis, to report generation. The P2 Command Kit includes Forensic Replicator for bit-stream imaging of drives and media, DP2C for tageted data triage collection, P2 eXplorer Pro for virtual image mounting, and finally P2 Commander for you advanced forensic analysis and reporting.
Forensic examinations from start to finish...
    AffordableThe P2 Command Kit is only $1,499.00 and includes one year subscription maintenance (only $258.00 to maintain after that)
    Deleted Data RecoveryWhether you're doing a full exam or targeted collection, you can recover deleted files and fragments
    FlexibleThe flexibility of the P2 Command Kit means you can perform full bit-by-bit images and analysis or targeted data collection and triage

Product Overview
The rising cost of digital forensic software is nearly a crime in itself. Paraben prides itself in affordable, quality forensic software. We won't sacrifice quality to keep our prices low either. Seasoned examiners have been using portions of the P2 Command Kit for over a decade meaning you will get fast processing and fewer crashes all while enjoying the specialized email, registry, and other analysis engines found in P2 Commander.

Here's What You Get:
  • P2 Commander
  • Deployable P2 Commander
  • Forensic Replicator
  • P2 eXplorer Pro
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    P2 Commander
    Forensic Replicator
    P2 eXplorer Pro
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