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Network E-mail Examiner

Analyzing network email archives can be a daunting task. Filtering through millions of messages and outputting your results into PST files for review by clients and counsel has become a common task for forensic examiners, eDiscovery experts, and IT security personnel throughout the world. Network E-mail Examiner makes it easy to sift through hundreds of gigabytes of email. Whether you're investigating Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, or Novell GroupWise, your job just got easier with Network E-mail Examiner.
Over 10 years of network email examination...
    AffordableNetwork E-mail Examiner is only $799 with no data processing limitations
    (only $160 a year to maintain the software after the first year)
    Logical & Physical ExtractionsRecover Deleted Email: Recover deleted email from Exchange (EDB), Lotus Notes (NSF), and GroupWise email even if they've been deleted from the deleted items folder
    FlexibleNot only can you examine email headers and bodies, you can review and search through attachments so no evidence is missed
    SmartHaving a specialized tool for processing network email archives just makes sense

Product Overview
Network E-mail Examiner has been the leader in comprehensive email archive analysis for over 10 years. This experience allows Network E-mail Examiner to process through more types of data corruption and larger volumes of email than we ever thought possible. Add all the analysis and reporting capabilities of a computer forensic analysis tool along with data exporting and filtering options and you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.
Network Email InvestigationsThe Right Tool
If network email archives are ever part of your examinations, why would you use anything but a tool designed specifically for network email analysis?
Recover Deleted DataRecover Deleted Email
Network E-mail Examiner can recover deleted emails from Microsoft Exchange (EDB), Lotus Notes (NSF), and GroupWise making it harder for evidence to be destroyed.
Target Specific File TypesExport/Convert Email & Mailboxes
Network E-mail Examiner allows you to easily export email or mailboxes to PST or other formats. You can even filter out your export based on search terms, dates, or other criteria all in one step.
Specialized Internet AnalysisForensically Sound
Network E-mail Examiner was built from the ground up as a forensic tool and has been upheld in court countless times which means you can rest assured your evidence is in good hands.
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Network E-mail Examiner
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