Migration Help

What is Paraben’s E3?

Paraben’s E3 Platform is the new platform for all of Paraben’s digital forensic suite of tools. Each tool comes in an E3 edition that allows you access to all the powerful engines that are part of E3. For all active subscription holders, there is NO cost to migrate to the E3 version of your tool. If your subscription has lapsed the migration is just as easy. Just pay the annual renewal fee and you will be migrated to the E3 version of the tool. There is NO increase in costs associated with the subscription renewal.

The E3 Platform has new licensing options that can be used when you purchase or migrate to the new platform. The following video explains those options to you.

How do I learn to use the E3 version?

We have prepared some migration videos for our long-time Paraben users that show you how to do some of the setup, functions, and wizards that you used in the prior version and now how to complete the same tasks in the new E3 version.

DS to E3:DS