E3: Universal Trial Request

Welcome to the Paraben Software Trial!

There are a few simple steps in the process that get you started in working with Paraben. Please note that in order to request a trial you must consent to email communication with Paraben. Keys to trial licenses are delivered electronically.

Step 1. Setup Account.

All of the Paraben software trials start with an account being setup. It is an easy process, but it allows you access to all the services at Paraben from the trial to support. To setup an account please go to: register.paraben.com

If you already have an account proceed to Step 2.

Step 2. Fill in the request form.

The following fields are required for you to receive a trial license. You will be contacted/emailed within 2 business days.


Contact Permission

In order to setup the trial license we will have to have minimal email contact with you. In consideration of the EU GDPR requirements you can at anytime after your trial is setup change your email preferences by logging into your account. After your trial is completed you have the opportunity to close your account or remain in contact with Paraben.

Step 3. Receive your Access

You will want to make sure you have the software downloaded and installed. You can download it in the Customer Zone. This is also the area you can contact support and get help with anything in your evaluation process.

If you are evaluating for Mobile Forensics please be sure you install the E3 Mobile Driver Pack in the customer zone.

Once you are approved you will receive access to your web license of the software. It is a fully functional version of the tool so you can do any of the amazing features.

To help with your evaluation we have a walk-through tutorial video on the Trail Process you can watch here:


We also have some sample image files for both computer forensics as well as mobile forensics that can be downloaded here:

Each image is used in the tutorial video to show you how to work with the tool and use the powerful engines. If you need help with acquisitions the following videos are available: