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Deployable Device Seizure (DDS) is the perfect mobile triage solution. DDS is designed for quick use in the field or lab with any mobile phone. DDS is included with your license of Device Seizure. DDS is designed to automatically detect phones connected to the PC for fast logical acquisitions. Data collected can be previewed using the DDS interface and data parsers or loaded into Device Seizure for a comprehensive examination of the logical data extraction.
DDS comes with your license of Device Seizure...
    AffordableWhen you purchase Device Seizure for only $1,795, you get a license of DDS as well
    Logical ExtractionsFast and easy logical extractions for data triage
    2 Times the ValueThe value of two tools for one price: get DDS with every purchase of Device Seizure
    FlexibleYou can run DDS on any platform...the flexibility of a software solution lets you choose the tablet, laptop, computer, or even kiosk of your choice
    SmartThe smartest data parsing engines for mobiles available with constant development of new parsers for your mobile data

Product Overview
DDS is built on over 10 years of digital forensic technology. Logical extractions, advanced parsing, and the ability to load extracted data into Device Seizure gives examiners more for their money.
Logical Data ExtractionLogical Data Extraction
User data such as call logs, SMS (text messages), contacts, pictures, etc. can easily be acquired using DDS.
Advanced Data ParsersAdvanced Data Parsers
Extracting data from handheld devices is just the start. You still need to be able to make sense of that data. DDS has advanced data parsers to display user data in easy-to-read tables.

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