Press Releases

Paraben’s E3 Platform adds new functionality for Android 7.1, Twitter Cloud, and Archiving

Paraben Corporation is pleased to announce the release of E3:Universal, E3:DS, and E3:P2C Aurora edition 1.1. This new version follows that launch of the new platform that allows for a single interface use for all the Paraben cyber-forensic technology.

Paraben’s Email, Internet, and Instant Messaging tools just got ramped up with new E3 versions.

Paraben Corporation recently unveiled E3; Electronic Evidence Examiner a universal platform for all types of digital data inclusive of mobile phones, hard drives and the internet of things. With the release of this new platform Paraben’s other tools migrated into the same interface and environment. Paraben’s NEMX-Network Email Examiner, EMX-Email Examiner, and CHATEX-Chat Examiner all got massive version updates with the move to the E3 platform.

Breaking the Boundaries in Digital Forensics; Paraben’s E3 is framing the future of Digital Forensics Investigations

Paraben Corporation unveils its new product Electronic Evidence Examiner (E3). E3 is a universal platform for all types of digital data: mobile/smartphones, hard drives, email, and IoT (Internet of Things) data. Paraben’s E3 breaks the boundaries that used to exist between all these different data types.

Press Release: Paraben's DS gets Five-star review and 'Best Buy' rating from SC Magazine

Verdict: For a simple, well thought-out and executed mobile device forensics tool this one is at the top of the heap. Its capabilities are narrow and very deep. It does one thing – mobile device forensics – and it does that extremely well. We make the Paraben DS our Best Buy. - SC Magazine

Press Release: Paraben Announces Release of DS 7.6, Newest Version of its "Device Seizure" Forensic Software

Software Offers New Android Samsung Bootloader physical plug-in for Samsung devices flashed with Odin protocol. Logical acquisition of iOS 10 devices and Android Marshmallow OS support has been added. Drivers for BLU Studio C Super Camera device to the driver pack. Several new app support for Jott, LinkedIn, and Yik Yak as well as several bug fixes and stability improvements!

Press Release: Paraben Corporation Announces Release of Network Email Examiner 7.1 Update.

We are proud to announce an update to Network Email Examiner that brings expanded information to Export Selected and Export To logs, as well as overall tool stability improvements.

Press Release: Paraben Corporation Announces Launch of P2 Commander 4.5.

Blasts out with New Support of the latest versions of Outlook and New Import of Hash Databases.

ASHBURN, Va. -- Paraben Corporation Emphasizes the Importance of Forensic Readiness.
During a time when securing digital information is a vital practice for all organizations, Paraben Corporation is emphasizing the importance of maximizing forensic readiness within businesses.

Forensic readiness is an organization's ability to maximize its potential to use digital evidence to enhance existing security, while minimizing the costs of an investigation. Traditional information security programs often focus on prevention and detection measures, however, there is a business requirement for digital evidence to be available even before an incident occurs, which links very closely with business continuity planning and incident response procedures.