EMX, NEMX, and CHAT Released

EMX, NEMX, and CHAT Released

Paraben’s Email, Internet, and Instant Messaging tools just got ramped up with new E3 versions.

Paraben Corporation recently unveiled E3; Electronic Evidence Examiner a universal platform for all types of digital data inclusive of mobile phones, hard drives and the internet of things. With the release of this new platform Paraben’s other tools migrated into the same interface and environment. Paraben’s NEMX-Network Email Examiner, EMX-Email Examiner, and CHATEX-Chat Examiner all got massive version updates with the move to the E3 platform.

“Paraben’s move to having all of our tools under a single platform is designed to help our customers be able to jump back and forth between different technology needs without having to learn a new interface. The optimized interface and structure behind E3 makes it the ideal platform for processing things such as email archives with solid design and full database functionality.” Commented Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben.

In addition to the new interface tools such as Chat Examiner added a lot of new functionality with E3:INTERNET-CHAT with the addition of processing of internet history this is a great tool for triage for all types of examinations. E3:NEMX and E3:EMX kept their strong processing capabilities for both network and local mail archives.

All Paraben users will migrate to the E3 versions of the software as the company works with each on to provide that personalized touch for their needs. The E3 versions of all the tools have new licensing options that customers can purchase or migrate to with three separate options. The three options such as web license, hardware ID, or dongle allows each lab to pick what would work best for their lab.

The update to E3 versions is complimentary to any active subscription user of the Paraben tools, and there has been no increase in subscription fees with the platform change. Paraben continues to offer its customers more value for their processing dollar than any other company.

About Paraben Corporation:

Since 2001 Paraben has been a foundation in solutions for mobile devices, smartphones, email, hard drives, and gaming system forensics. Paraben has been forging ahead to develop new approaches for dealing with digital evidence. Paraben’s focus on mobility led to many other areas of innovation including the research and development into the Internet of Things (IoT) with the Forensics of EverythingTM (FoE). Paraben supports logical and physical images with mobile devices and 100% of the smartphones on the market. In addition, Paraben can add to an existing arsenal with specialized tools for unique data such as network email servers, local email archives, internet related data, and gaming systems. Paraben provides software with a unified vision and interface for dealing with all types of digital data. From start to finish Paraben offers solutions that can build new capabilities into any digital investigation.