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Paraben’s New 1.7 Version of E3 Platform Launched with new iCloud, Zimbra, WeChat, and Windows 10 Artifact Support for Cortana!

Paraben Corporation has leapt into Spring 2018 with the release of version 1.7 of the E3 Platform. This platform brings all digital investigation capabilities into a single interface for easy management of data from computers, email, internet, and mobiles.

11th Annual PFIC event is back where it all started in Park City, Utah

PFIC is honored to have Jenni Morse from Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) as the 2018 PFIC keynote speaker. O.U.R. is a non-profit organization dedicated to working with law enforcement to help rescue victims of sex trafficking and prosecute traffickers. O.U.R. also vets and assesses aftercare centers around the world which consists of partnering with different organizations, so that the rescued children may receive safety, education, and vocational training.

New E3 Platform 1.65 patch release for iPhone 6 and above hardware

Paraben is issuing a patch release to the E3 Platform for an adjustment associated with a hardware and firmware issue associated with the acquisition of these iOS devices.

New E3 Platform 1.6 dazzles the end of the year with new support for Telegram, DJI Go 3 & 4, and New LG Unlocking!

Paraben is blasting out an end of the year holiday celebration with the 1.6 release of the E3 Platform. All existing users will receive the latest updates that include some substantial enhancements and new features.

Paraben can read your email - from network mail archives to local PST

Paraben is pleased to release new email overview videos on the Paraben YouTube channel, ParabenForensics. These videos are free to anyone who wants to see the capabilities associated with breaking down both local and network email archives. Email capabilities are endless with deduplication, exporting data in PST form, as well as OST native archive support.

Paraben adds MapLink Integration into E3 Platform in 1.6 version

Paraben Corporation, an innovator in the digital forensic market, along with HTCI, a developer of cutting-edge digital forensic training, is pleased to announce the integration of HTCI’s MapLink tool into Paraben’s E3 platform.

11th Annual PFIC is back where it all started, in the mountains of Park City, Utah

We, at Paraben, have been missing the fresh mountain air. We are excited to announce that PFIC 2018 will be back at our favorite location in Park City, UT and hosted at the Park City Marriott hotel. We have announced the dates and call for speakers for PFIC 2018. The 2-day training event will be held on September 5th and 6th at the Park City Marriott hotel.

Paraben Releases version 1.5 of the E3 Platform with new iOS 11 and Chrome Enhancements

Paraben has released the latest version of the E3 Platform, a universal system for the examination of digital evidence. The E3 Platform was designed to deal with all types of digital evidence from computers to mobiles to the new area of IoT devices. The 1.5 version of the platform includes updates for all the Paraben tools that include features such as:


Paraben E3 Platform Feature Highlights-Cloud Data & OCR Data

Universal Data Analysis with E3

Paraben has highlighted some unique features in their E3 Forensic Platform from their recent free short training videos. Each of these short trainings can be found on the Paraben YouTube channel:

Quick Trainings get you going with the E3 Platform

Paraben is elated to introduce our quick training videos focused on the individual E3 Platform features. Learn how Paraben’s feature-rich software can aid you in your investigations. We will show you tips, tricks, and shortcuts that lead you to find the data relevant to your investigations. Each month these Quick Trainings are available at no cost to users and practioners in the field via the Paraben YouTube channel. If you want to keep an eye on all the new content just subscribe to stay up to date at: