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Paraben started the battle against mobile devices in 2001 and plans to win the war with new versions and innovations. When selecting a mobile forensic tool, there are many factors that come into play and being able to work with the tool before you buy it should be one of them. What you'll find is that Device Seizure is easier to use than ever. It supports 100% of iOS devices and over 96% of Android devices while still supporting thousands of feature phones. When it comes to analysis, Device Seizure can't be beat. Device Seizure parses out user data as well data from nearly all smartphone apps while recovering deleted data from some apps and thousands of physically acquired devices. On top of amazing features, we stand behind our tools and want to offer you a FREE 30-day license to Device Seizure. Not only do we think you will love the tool and the new features but you will love that Device Seizure is affordable for any size lab.

Start the challenge today and after your review of the tool, you will receive a free small Faraday bag from Paraben's patented design. (Bag Size 5"x6")

Ask yourself the questions of what makes up your toolbox? Do you only have one screwdriver when it comes to doing a job or do you have multiple? No matter what tool you use, no one tool will do it all. Your tool may even be hitting the end of its life and a replacement is just too expensive. Device Seizure was the first commercial tool for mobile forensics and was built from the ground up as a forensic tool. It supports logical and physical extractions along with password bypassing and file system extractions. Device Seizure is the answer for mobile forensics that incorporates not only your needs but your wants.
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