What is everyone Whispering about?

I never would have thought that an App that allows for all of the random thoughts in your head to become public displays would become popular. Then I started looking into a new app called Whisper. This App creates an anonymous community of the chatter about the most random stuff.

The rules are simple:

“Whisper is the largest online community where people share real thoughts and feelings, without identities. We are leading a global movement that believes happiness starts when you get to be your real self. To keep our community safe, we enforce our Golden Rule: Don't be Mean, Don't be Gross, and Don't Use Whisper to Break the Law.”

So we thought we would take a few looks into what people Whisper about. We found everything from the average indiscretion to people talking about robbing banks. If you can dream it up, someone is Whispering about it. Although the data looks private and secretive online, what users don’t understand is the nuggets of data their Whispers are leaving behind on their devices. This is where our forensic impact comes in and we get to see the details of who, what, when, and where.

Whisper is designed to work with your location so that you can see people around you that are thinking, and talking about the same thing; this can be a good and bad thing. The good side is you feel that sense of belonging; the bad side is the data of where the people are is being stored to your device.

Typical data recovery for Whisper is:

  • User’s own whispers: The information on the whispers posted by the owner of an acquired account including full whisper text, time a whisper was posted, account name from which a whisper was posted, title of a whisper, location from which a user posted a whisper, number of likes and replies, whisper image URL, and tags.
  • Other whispers: The same information as above, but related to that user’s account information, including their location.
  • Notifications: The notification information includes about, replies, and likes to whispers, which includes date of a notification, related whispers, and the count of likes/replies.
  • Conversations: The information on private user conversations with other users, which includes time a message was sent, text of a message, sender of a message, text of a message, and information on a message being read or favorited.

User’s deleted whispers and conversations can also be recovered. It might be an App not everyone has heard of, but with 1.7 million global followers it is one that you will eventually see in an investigation. Look for it on a device that you are investigating; it might not lead you to the smoking gun, but it will give you insight into your suspect.