PFIC 2017 Summary

It was the 10th anniversary of PFIC and we were thrilled to have it hosted at Robert Morris University. Not only were they a great host for the event, but they were also the recipient of the Paraben Cyber School of the Future award.

Dr. Karen Paulette have been teaching cyber-forensic courses since 2012 and has expanded to add in the education of other educators on how they can add cyber-forensics into their programs. We thought out of all the ways to summarize the conference some video interviews would be best. So please see the interviews below from all of the speakers, host, and some attendees. Hopefully we will be able to see you at PFIC 2018.

PFIC 2017 Interview Part 1 Amber Schroader
PFIC 2017 Interview Part 2 Greg Kipper
PFIC 2017 Interview Part 3 Mark Spencer
PFIC 2017 Interview Part 4 Jim Swauger
PFIC 2017 Interviews Part 5 RMU Conference Sponsor