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About Paraben

Paraben is a U.S. owned and operated company and was founded in 1999. Paraben quickly established itself as a leader in specialized computer forensic software with its release of PDA Seizure in early 2002. Paraben then released Cell Seizure, the first commercial tool for performing cell phone forensics. The handheld forensics line has culminated with the combination of these two tools into Device Seizure which supports more cell phones & PDAs than ever before.

Paraben continued its growth with the innovations of the 360-degree paradigm. Paraben strives to innovate in each area of the investigative and examination process associated with digital evidence.

P2 Commander became the flagship of the hard drive/media division of the company with a database driven multi-threaded architecture the speed and process of P2 Commander was unmatched in the industry. Paraben's email technology became other cornerstones in this suite to process some of the largest mailstores in the fastest amount of time.

The latest focus of Paraben has been in enterprise forensics. P2 Enterprise takes a new approach to forensics with a truly proactive forensic solution. P2 Enterprise monitors your enterprise and learns user's behavior. Any violation of pre-set rules or deviations from normal behavior sparks an automatic forensic response. For examiners responsible for incident response, P2 Enterprise Shuttle is the perfect live forensic solution.

Paraben has its corporate headquarters in Ashburn, VA with a satellite office in Utah. Paraben offers its training classes in locations throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, & Australia. With over 15 years of computer forensics experience, Paraben's Executive team continues to strive for a paradigm change in the field of computer forensics. From technology to services Paraben provides effective results and forensic-grade data.

Paraben Commitment Statement
Make cutting edge technology, establish customer relationships, & train professionally.

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